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What I'm thinking about today...what's the deal with pain?

I know, it's supposed to act as a warning system to the body that something is not right, but too often the pain is related to something that cannot be changed or fixed, and becomes a chronic problem.

Why would we evolve something like that? Why didn't we evolve some sort of cut-off, like 48 hours? If the pain hasn't been attended to in 48 hours, it's done it's duty as a warning and it just stops?

A woman I work with doesn't feel pain. It's rare, but it does occur in some people. She gave birth to three children with no labor pains. She's now approaching 60, and having lived without pain doesn't seem to have done her any particular harm.

What do you think?
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Hi Dub!

Couple thoughts. In the hunter gatherer days people did not live to see the old age we have today, so the aches and pains of aging as we know now did not exist then, people died long before.

Since pain is physical, it will continue as long as the problem does. I am not sure it is a warning, we just use it as such. It doesn't care how we feel.

The woman who feels no pain, has she any pain sensation? If she bumps herself, what happens? Or does she just have a really high tolerance to pain? That is fascinating.
Hey! Good to see you here.

My friend at work has no pain sensation at all. One of the maintainance guys opened a heavy fire door too fast a couple of years ago and broke her nose. She had no idea until she had it checked a few days later.

I agree that it doesn't care how we feel--so why does it exist at all? I mean, even very primitive humans could have looked down and said, "Oh my goodness, something has just eaten my left hand, I should bundle it up in leaves before all my blood runs out..." What purpose does the pain of it serve?

(I think I'm just grumbly about it today.)

If you get your finger cut you feel it and avoid having such a feeling repeated. If you get your finger cut and you notice you get to it when you have time. That can lead to infection and worse damage to your body.

Plus, when you deal with young children would you sit them down and tell them why what they're doing is a bad idea? Maybe the first time, maybe even up to the tenth time, but if they aren't getting the message it just becomes a rule they have to follow or they'll be punished.

They aren't grasping the reason why they shouldn't do something.

If you have to think about why you should stop to take care of an injury that you only just noticed you might put it off. Especially if your young and don't realize the potential consequences or are willing to shrug them off.

There are supposed to be people who can shrug off the the sensation of pain, but its a learned skill and even then they probably know very well what they're getting into.

I guess what I mean is its an early teaching tool to prevent the loss of limbs.

There was a book once that claimed that leprosey was a disease that took away your sense of pain. When the main character was being diagnosed he saw someone else who had lived with the disease longer than him. The person was very sick and didn't look that great. When the man noticed the main character looking at him he said, "Kill yourself. Its better than this."

Thats almost certainly not what the man said, but it was definitly along those lines. And the main character had to change his life by taking out of his home all the sharp edges in case he hurt himself and not notice.

But that was a book. Not real life.

I would suggest that you talk to your friend if you haven't allready and ask her what she had to do growing up due to her lack of pain.

I wouldn't mind not feeling great pain either. Its one of my other fears.

Listen to me. Acting as if I know or were an authority on the matter.
In no way am I one, its just what I think I know.

So listen to me! I know what I'm talking about!

Hahah hah.