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Welcome to the new community talkideas

From the userinfo:

There are two types of people: those who talk about people (including themselves) and things, and those who talk about ideas. This place is for the latter sort.

Of course, I do talk about myself sometimes, everybody does. Usually it’s because I need to explain the events or train of thought that led to a particular idea.

Today I’m thinking about the survival of consciousness after death.

I think that if this does occur there is no way to show or prove it. Ghost stories just don’t do it for me. I don’t see dead people. I doubt that anyone does.

But then there’s this new NBC television series, Medium. It’s based on the life of a real person, Allison DuBois of Phoenix, Arizona. Ms DuBois has a web site: http://www.allisondubois.com/ and she’s written a book. She says she sees, and talks to, dead people all the time.

In the series, Allison (Patricia Arquette) is employed by the District Attorney’s office. This would appear to lend legitimacy to her ability. However, her bio on the NBC site for the show http://www.nbc.com/Medium/bios/Allison_DuBois.shtml says otherwise:

Allison donates her time to missing/murdered persons and criminal cases for agencies across the country. She is contacted by law enforcement and families to help find missing and murdered people. Allison also assists in jury selection for District Attorney’s Offices. Each of these is a means for her to give back to the world for being so blessed.

I wonder just how far from reality the television show strays? On the show we see Allison solving crimes and sending criminals to death row, based on information she receives psychically from the victims. The real Allison has stated in interviews that she's very much in favor of capital punishment and the death penalty. Wonder if she ever gets visits from the ghosts of the killers, and if not, why not?

What do you think?
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Allison DuBois follows in the footsteps of other phony psychic detectives.

I'm not completely sure what you're asking. Are you asking if DuBois might be the real deal? Are you posing a hypothetical - assuming she's the real thing, does she get visited by ghosts of killers?

Sorry if I really missed the point, I'm in a bit of a rush. Anyway, looks like an interesting community.
What I was asking for was exactly what I got, someone interested in discussing this.

Thanks for the link. DuBois' bio specifically states that law enforcement agencies contact her, and that District Attorney's offices use her for jury selection.

Any idea how to find out if this is true?

My question on visits from convicted and executed killers was influenced by my opinion that DuBois is not "the real deal." I guess I was being sarcastic, although that wasn't clear. What I was saying was, she says she sees dead people, that she's psychic and a medium, and so wouldn't it make sense that the people she has helped to convict and execute would be the first to drop by? In everything I've read about her, including personal interviews, this hasn't been mentioned. Does she have some kind of psychic filter that only lets the ghosts of the "good" people come through? It doesn't make sense.

Most people do have a filter of some kind.
BUt on the death row people, your asuming that they know about her involment in puting them in the "chair" so to speak.
even if they did, most spirits of that type would be drawn to there
personal demons,or places that involed there fetish, crime,ect.

In area's realating to psychic people you comanly here or read about
Guids, totems, spirit anamals , ect
They are all diferant tools
that people use to filter the huge amount of inforamtion that
comes at use every day.
In watching the TV show I see that maybe she did not have a good
system of protecting here she self from "anything "coming to her
when she first started to realy use here abilities.

PRotecion or filters is the most important thing that seperates
the medium from the crazy person talking to them self in a mental ward
all the time.

if I had the typing skills and good gramer i could go on and on.

but i am sure the spirits of death row in mates could haunt the hell
out of some one they knew put them away.
like the cops that got them the lawer that prosucuted them the judge
maybe even the jury member they thought was looking at them wrong though out the trial. THere are endless posablities on that one.

the diferance between any of them and her "DuBois" is she could see or here them.

sorry about the spelling
hope i made sence.

Hi Rev

Now, I find your comments interesting because it does sound as if you believe that Allison (and others) do see and speak to ghosts or spirits.

Can I ask you why you believe this? Is it something that you choose to believe, or have you had experiences that have shown you this is true?

And thanks for coming by.

PS: Don't worry about your spelling and grammar...your ideas are what count.

well I have lived in some realy older bhouses in downtown Sacramento
One had a color full history from what i gathered.
in the 20's and 30's it was mostly a brothel.(whore house)

I had some weird experinces in the apt.with what could only be decribed as a presence in the house.
Later my rom mate and i found out that we knew people that haved lived there befor us and they described the exact same things we had felt and
experionced in the apt.
one other acount could just have ben a cowinkydink ,but about a year later we met some one else that had lived there two years befor us
and they had the same tpye of storyies about the place.

I am not all ways very sencative but i have had moments wen i could see aura's around people, a few times in public . little kids can radiate huge aura's

I can't say i have acualy seen a dead person , or heard them.
I can say i have felt there presance, even felt the thing thing that
was bothering a mentaly unbalanced person in public. that's alittle weird, to know that they are actualy talking at something telling it to leave them alone.

so it is not something i think or belive, it is something i know is there.
there is a good line in the movie Constatine , like that
wen he is talking to Gabrile the Angel.
about how he has to belive in god, even though he knows he exist.
knowing and beliving are every differnt.
wish i could do a direct quote but i think you 'll get the piont.

Thanks very much for clarifying this for me. In many ways I envy you. I've always wished I could experience something "beyond the normal." It's just never happened to me, though. At least, not as far as a presence, or an aura around someone.

I feel that for me, personally, I'd have to have the experience before I could believe it. I guess I'm pretty low on faith!


First off a joke that I remember thinking up and others have probably thought of as well.
"I see dead people."
"No one can see dead people."
"... You do realize I work in a mourge."

As for those coming back from the chair, like my tittle says, Who died first?

Even if the executed criminal did come back to haunt the lady they'd probably have to get through the person or persons they murdered first. Not to mention the murdered peoples ancestors. And I doubt the murderer would get much support from their own ancestors. Murder usually isn't liked by anyone.

I'm not saying I believe the person can contact the dead in any way, but it wouldn't suprise me if someday someone could.

Also, I believe that if there is a soul it could be detected eventually.

A method I've been considering is to wire up a number of different animals and kill them to use as a base. There reading would then be compared to wired up people in hospitals as they died.

Whatever the results showed would allow me to attempt tracking their souls which might put me in a great deal of hot water.

Between Heaven and Hell, I doubt either side would enjoy me peaking into their worlds.

Remember the game "Doom"?

Want a real life repeat?