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Looking for some opinions / knowledge on the following...

Looking to find out people opinions and knowledge about the following question(s)... Any input would be of interest to me...
Been into the whole, expanding of knowledge thing lately, and it's spreading into some interesting topics....

What do people think about being a "kept" woman...

Is this something you would ever consider or something you have ever considered and why, and if you have done it, what experiences you got from it...

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Hmmm. An interesting topic indeed. Not something that's ever been an option for me, but I would fear that I'd eventually come to resent and dislike my "keeper" to the point that I would have to leave.

But then, I guess a lot depends on the manner in which you are being "kept." True luxury would be incredibly difficult to give up, providing one had enough free time to pursue one's own interests.

Must go and muse over potential "kept-woman" fantasies!

It is a tough topic... one that can be very hard to decide if it's something you really want to do, and something that was brought to my attention as an idea...

What I don't like about it is that NO ONE knows and well that's not something that I find entirely nice though the being treated well does appeal... it's something that I have RARELY had when it comes to men and relationships of any type...

Really I can't see it as something entirely bad though because I spoke with him about what happens when I want to date someone who I could potentially marry one day and his answer was "than you need to do it.... I only care about your happiness and if you one day decided to date someone, that is entirely your choice and not my way to step in front of your happiness..."
Really... when that is said, there's not too much to say no too... Just can't tell him about when I go on dates and stuff till I decide I wanna date someone....